The Wümme cycling-track

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Discover Northern Germany on remote tracks far away from the hum of the city!

Welcome to our homepage about the Wümme cycling-track. We invite you to explore the area around the river Wümme by bike!

Following the course of the Wümme from its spring at “Wilseder Berg” to the river mouth in the north of Bremen, the track connects the Lüneburger Heide with the famous Hanse town The track 250 kilometers long will take you through attractive landscapes and traditional settlements, typical for the lowlands of Lower Saxony. Characteristic wetlands, riverbanks, moor and heathland with their indigenous flora and fauna dominate the scenery. Picturesque villages, charming towns and the “wide world” of Bremen want to be explored!

The whole tour is waymarked in the signpost-system for cycling tracks used all over Germany. The logo shows a blue “W” and will accompany you along the way.

The Wümme cycling-track goes round in a circle and can be used as a “round-track” in either direction. Apart from the complete tour, the North track and the South track are also worth seeing it. Starting in towns like Lemwerder, Rotenburg (Wümme), Scheeßel or Undeloh you can also decide for short rounds on the Wümme track.

A map of cycling trails usually include detailed information about the area. You can buy this map in any bookshop or order it from us:

Spiralo- Radwanderkarte „Wümme-Radweg“
Maßstab 1:50.000, ISBN 3-87073-274-1
9,95 Euro (12,50 Euro with Porto)

Check the German internet link Karte & Co for a general map of the track. The link Rund ums Rad lists bicycle rentals where you can rent a bike for your tour.

If you`re interested in further information, just contact us. We will be happy to provide you with some package holiday offers, brochures or personal information. We look forward to your visit and hope you will enjoy your tour around the Wümme!


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wümme-Radweg
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